Bubble envelopes

Bubble envelopes

Need to send a particularly delicate package? Then you may be in need of a bubble envelope! We sell bubble envelopes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The bubble packaging can be used to ship small and delicate products but can also be filled with big and heavy products. Our bubble envelopes help you to ship your products safely.

How to use a bubble envelope

Our bubble wraps can all be closed with a trifix seal. This special seal makes sure that your envelope can’t be opened without severely damaging the envelope itself. The adhesive strip closes your envelope quickly and quietly.

Properties of our bubble envelopes

Our bubble envelopes are lined with a layer of bubble wrap. This layer helps protect your products. The bubbles in this layer make sure that your products are protected. They act as little cushions between your products and whatever is going on outside of your envelope. We only sell the best Filmar bubble envelopes. A few properties of our bubble envelopes:

  • Our envelopes are made of premium quality paper.
  • Our envelopes ensure your products arrive safely;
  • Our envelopes all have a layer of bubble wrap that consists of multiple strong layers stuck to the inside.
  • Our envelopes protect products against both warm and cold conditions;

No shipping expenses and same day shipping

Most of our orders are sent using PostNL. All orders sent within the Netherlands and Belgium using PostNL are delivered free of charge. All orders that are made before 10 pm arrive the very next day. Some orders are so big that we need to use a pallet to deliver it. If that is the case we use a different company than PostNL.

Alternative packaging

Once you’ve wrapped your products in a protective layer of bubble wrap, you’ll need to make sure that your package is packed in a sturdy box or envelope. Using a sturdy box  or a cardboard envelope for instance can make the whole shipping process much easier.

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

A11 Luchtkussen enveloppen 100 x 165

Vanaf 4 cent

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

B12 Luchtkussen enveloppen 120 x 215

Vanaf 4,9 cent
Vanaf 6,5 cent
Vanaf 8,7 cent

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

E15 Luchtkussen Enveloppen 220 x 260

Vanaf 9,3 cent

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

F16 Luchtkussen Enveloppen 220 x 340

Vanaf 12,2 cent

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

G17 Luchtkussen Enveloppen 230 x 340

Vanaf 12,7 cent

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

H18 Luchtkussen enveloppen 270 x 360

Vanaf 15,4 cent
Vanaf 21 cent

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

K20 Luchtkussen enveloppen 350 x 470

Vanaf 24,5 cent