Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is used to safely protect fragile products. It is an elastic and transparent packaging material. Blister pack consists of a layer of bubbles filled with air. The many little air pockets create a field of bubbles that protect produce.

Our bubble wrap specifications

The bubbles in our wrap are 10 x 5 mm. Our rolls of bubble wrap are 100 m x 100 cm. This makes the total surface area 100 m². Want to order more than 100 coils of blister pack? We can create a unique offer just for you. You can contact us via email for more information.

How is bubble wrap made?

To make bubble wrap a factory follows 5 steps.

  1. An extruder is used to mix a polyester resin.
  2. Two layers of polyester resin is taken out of the extruder.
  3. The layers of resin are placed in a drum. The suction in the drum creates little nubs.
  4. Another layer of resin is added on top of the nubs.
  5. The sheets of blister wrap are cut into shape and rolled onto a massive role.

Our bubble wrap envelopes are made using a similar technique.

Buying blister pack

Most of our orders are sent using PostNL. All orders sent within the Netherlands and Belgium using PostNL are delivered free of charge. All orders that are made before 10 pm arrive the next day. Some orders are so big that we need to use a pallet to deliver it. If that is the case we use a different company than PostNL.

Vanaf 8,7 cent

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

E15 Luchtkussen Enveloppen 220 x 260

Vanaf 9,3 cent

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

F16 Luchtkussen Enveloppen 220 x 340

Vanaf 12,2 cent

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

G17 Luchtkussen Enveloppen 230 x 340

Vanaf 12,7 cent

Luchtkussen Enveloppen

H18 Luchtkussen enveloppen 270 x 360

Vanaf 15,4 cent
Vanaf 21 cent

Alternative packaging

Once you have wrapped your products in a protective layer of wrap, you’ll need to make sure that your package is packed in a sturdy envelope or box. Using a sturdy box  or a cardboard envelope for instance or is very important.